About us

About Us?

We are certified accounting experts and auditors in the United Arab Emirates. The company was established in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 1997, our vision was initially to provide distinguished services in line with the foresight and supportive to the principle of business sustainability.
There are three basic principles that are the basis of our professional practice, they are:

By providing our services with high quality and modern techniques which save time, effort and money, and ensure that the client gets services and professional outputs with high quality.

Excellence and Applying Unique Methods in our Professional Practice:
By using advanced electronic programs to access data according to the approved and discharged budgets for computer devices deployed in business companies as entered goods or manufactured products, and to provide reports based on actual comparisons.

Professional Conduct:
To follow professional ethics based on professional integrity and practical experience by guiding decision-makers to the best solutions through accounting and financial recommendations based on our expertise which has been gained through conferences, professional courses and field practical experiences.
We are always pleased to cooperate with all business sectors and we are pleased to be partners of companies that aspire to develop their accounting and financial system, we have great confidence that our technique will have a great resonance with the interested managers who wish to achieve added value to their companies by contracting with our office.

Dr. Dhafer Muhammad Kenan


  • To achieve success and your set goals, you shall ask assistance of specialized professionals.
  • Revenues and expenditures shall always be pursued by recording in special registers and linking it with budgets for determination of the net profits.
  • Raw materials and transfer of the same to a product available at markets require controlling direct and indirect costs.
  • Handling cash resources and transferring it to currencies or using it in investment requires its control according to bank standards and maintenance of value.
  • Accurate and realistic recommendations shall be offered on occurrence of any conflicts in contracts, and financial and accounting transactions.
  • Vitcorious for auditing and accounts consulting presents innovative and realistic solutions for all of that.

With my compliments
Dr. Dhafer Mohammad Kinan Al Heera


Victorious Auditing and Accounts Consulting Vision
Doing everything necessary to provide accounting and financial services to our clients in effective, innovative and professional way.


Providing the companies, businessmen and individuals with the highest levels of quality in accounting, auditing and financial consultations on time, in a professional way and through a professional team.


  • Respect individual and their capabilities in each field of specialization.
  • Truthfulness, honesty and integrity.
  • Leadership and teamwork.
  • Creativity and excellence.
  • Contribute to the Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Building an individual how has the capabilities of Success and Excellence.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing the best solutions and thoughtful ideas that will enable you to overcome your challenges to improve performance, productivity and success.